And now for something completely different! Today's brew is doing something no other deck in standard is doing, and just as importantly, it's doing it for next to nothing!

The main focus of the deck is to make huge green creatures even bigger, and then make them unblockable. It sounds like a Timmy strategy, but it uses a Johnny approach, because it's basically a combo deck.

The basic idea is to use two equipments, Captain's Hook and Glaive of the Guildpact(!) to give our creatures menace. It helps that both of them provide other bonuses, but what we're mostly trying to do is slap our equipment on creatures that can't be blocked by more than one creature. There are three such creatures in standard: Bristling Boar, Vigorspore Wurm and Hungering Hydra. Giving these creatures menace makes them effectively unblockable, so giving Viggy Smalls a hook-hand results in an 8-power unblockable attacker! Vigorspore can come down and give Bristling Boar or Hydra a huge power boost, and late in the game, topdecking Hungry Hungry Hydra can lead to out-of-nowhere momentum swings.

Aside from the main shell, we've got mana dorks to hold down the ground in the early game and ramp us into our (admittedly expensive) threats, District Guide to smooth out the mana even more and make Glaive a little better at boosting creatures, and we even get to play Guild Summit(!!), which also works well alongside District Guide and allows us to refill in the late game. My favorite pieces of tech, though, are Ochran Assassin and Moodmark Painter. Fried Okra Assassin works nicely with our equipment and can effectively wrath the other side of the board if it gets a big enough boost from Vigorspore Wurm or Moodmark Painter. Speaking of Bob Ross, it can help make our big green guys unblockable for a turn even if we don't have any equipment out.

If you want something to help break the monotony of FNM and don't have a whole lot of bank left to break (it's the holiday season, I know. It's hard out there), try Unblockable Blades out!

- Dev