Raidraptors aren't the only birds in Yu-Gi-Oh that are getting ready to soar!

The Blackwing - Bora the Spear back, and Yacine's here to show you how to use a couple new cards from Phantom Rage to bolster Blackwings. This list borrows the best of Phantom Knights and Raidraptors, flooding the board or making a Borreload Savage Dragon without missing a beat. It'd be 'fowl' of you to miss this one, so check out the video below!

The Raid Raptors have become the de facto Dark Winged Beast theme, but it's always good to see the older archetypes get some table time! With Phantom Rage releasing next month, The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak and Raidraptor - Force Strix are seeing plenty of upgrades, so playing a deck like this is great way to prepare for Phantom Rage! This deck may not be as great as Tri-Brigade, but it has plenty of tricks of its own to keep your opponent guessing.