Years ago, Frog Monarchs was one of the most recognizable strategies in tournament play - Treeborn Frog fed the Tribute Summon of cards like Zaborg the Thunder Monarch and Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch, grinding out incremental card advantage. It was a different era of Yu-Gi-Oh, where "fair" decks ruled supreme and a steady supply of +1's could win Championships.

Fast forward to today, and the very definition of "Frogs" and "Monarchs" has changed. With Toadally Awesome on the scene Frogs are their own strategy instead of a one-card support engine, while Monarchs have been updated with a wealth of new monsters and new support. Can the two still coexist? The secret ingredient is Eater of Millions; hit the video to find out why.

How cool is THAT? What do you think - could Frog Monarchs rise from their watery grave? Which of your old school favourites do you want to see make a comeback?