Though Zacian V remains at the top, more and more Pokémon V are seeing play lately. Butterfree V is one such Pokémon that acts as a great counter to any deck aiming to hit hard and fast by grinding the opponent to a halt with confusion and poison statuses! Both Butterfree V and Butterfree VMAX have access to attacks that confuse and poison your opponent, and the rest of the deck is built around piling damage onto your opponent's Pokémon between turns through Toxicroak. If you're tired of getting beaten by Lucmetal or ADP, then check out the video below!

Currently, this deck is extremely budget-friendly and can be be improved upon as you practice. Cards like Crobat V and Boss's Orders are incredibly impactful, but not necessary for the strategy, and can be acquired over time if you like the deck! Because it focuses on stalling long enough to let Poison defeat your opponent, this deck presents something of a skill challenge. It may be difficult at times, but it's definitely rewarding.

For more deck profiles like this, you can check out PokemonCouple's Youtube channel, and view live gameplay on their Twitch channel!