Rise of the Duelist releases this weekend and it's bringing some massive updates to modern Yu-Gi-Oh. The Dogmatika Maximus theme offers a new approach to the Extra Deck and players are already figuring out how to abuse some of the deck's stronger abilities. Whether you're looking to play Dogmatika yourself, or just want to know how to play against them, Leon's tipping you off to the cards players will be looking for, so you can get yours before they rise in price! For the full list of cards to look out for, check out the video.

Elder Entity N'tss is already starting to rise in price, going from $4 at the time of this video to over $6 in a matter of hours! Lately, competition's been overwhelmed with variants of Eldlich the Golden Lord, but Rise of the Duelist shakes things up and offers a few new play styles to compete with the more popular decks. As Extra Decks become more varied under Master Rule 5, picking up cards that work in multiple roles will be TOO STRONK.