Rise of the Duelist introduces a new era of Yu-Gi-Oh and a ton of explosive new cards set to shake up the competitive scene, and that means forgotten cards of the past may soar in price. Noble Knights are poised for a comeback with the release of the Infernoble Knight - Roland, Melffy Rabby will take the 'Champions of Cuteness' title, and Toons continue to pop up no matter how many times Eldlich the Golden Lord tries to cancel them.

In today's featured video, Leon's got all the information you need to put your duel dollars to work. Whether it's a small purchase or a big speculation, these are some of the smartest investments you can make this month.

Make sure to let Leon know what investments or purchases you're making to prepare for Rise of the Duelist in the comments! Are you ready for the newest, cutest archetype, or are you preparing to devote yourself to the dark side with Dragmas? For an in-depth look into what cards have been moving, check out last week's Market Watch by our very own Jason Grabher-Meyer at Market Watch Top 10: Is It Red-Eyes Week?