If you want the most mileage out of your dueling dollars it's not enough just knowing which cards are hot. If you want to stay ahead of the secondary market and get those deals before they blow up, you have to know the biggest factors in the market moment to moment, to find the key cards of tomorrow, today.

With YCS Rio this weekend, Duel Overload arriving a few days later, and Master Rule 5 taking effect April 1st it's a wild time in Yu-Gi-Oh. Add to that the possible changes to the Advanced Format at the end of the month, and it can be tough to figure out where to invest your hard earned cash.

But never fear! TheCaliEffect's got you covered with his thoughts on secondary market trends, plus a string of top picks you'll want to have! Check out today's featured video to see all of his top prospects.

Of course, to make the best choices buying singles you've gotta know the best decks too, and you'll find them in the TCGplayer Deck Archive! Study up, and make sure you're getting the most for your money.