Due to product delays we won't see any new releases in October, but that makes it the perfect month to pick up some staples of the game! While there are several cards you could blow your entire budget on, Leon has a whole list you could pick up that are cheap now, but could get pricier as competition evolves.

If you're looking for another trick to surprise your opponents, or a cheap investment that could see a quick return, then you don't wanna miss this video!

If you're playing the Psy-Framegear Gamma package in your deck, then PSY-Framelord Lambda is a great way to keep PSY-Framegear Gamma live in your hand after you've committed resources to the board. Elder Entity N'tss is another card that's found its way into plenty of competitive decks as tech for Dogmatika Maximus, so cards like Gale Dogra give you even more ways to fill your graveyard with cards from your Extra Deck. If you're looking for cards to pick up this month, you can't go wrong when you're 'Too Strong'.