The next Pokémon TCG set in the Sword and Shield series releases on October 8, 2021, and this time it's going to be a Celebration! This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Pocket Monster Red and Green, and the Celebrations set is all about celebrating everything that has made the Pokémon TCG so special over the years!

What Makes Pokémon Celebrations so Special?

Unlike the last few sets, Celebrations is considered a Special Expansion, similar to the previously released sets Champion's Path and Shining Fates. Like the other special expansions, Celebrations has a limited card pool that is split into a few different subsets. Between the normal card pool, new promos, and the Classic Collection, there are a lot of cards to be on the hunt for when you're opening packs.

Celebrations booster packs only have four cards in each pack, but that's because of the focus on the sub-set of cards found in the Classic Collection. The Classic Collection is the real draw of the Celebrations set. These 25 cards are reprints of famous cards throughout the history of the Pokémon TCG, from the original Base Set evolved starters to famous promo cards from the Wizards of the Coast era.

Unlike Evolving Skies, the booster packs for Celebrations are found only in collections, which are sealed products that have a number of Celebrations booster packs, a few packs of previously-released sets, and a promo card. The promos are exciting new cards based on mechanics throughout the TCGs history, but, unless you're a big fan of Charizard or Sylveon, you probably aren't buying these products for the promo. The most important part of these products is the amount of Celebrations packs you can get, and this article will help break down how you can get the most amount of Celebrations without breaking your budget!

Preparing Your Sealed Celebration

Whether you're an avid collector or just looking for a few of your favorite Pokémon, getting the most packs for the best price is pivotal to your enjoyment.

Celebrations Booster Pack

Market Price: $8.39

This is the baseline price you want to compare all other products in this article to. If you want to skip the sealed products and go straight to packs, this is the most efficient way to turn dollars into packs. The closer your price-per-pack is to this price, the better the product is for getting Celebrations Packs!

Celebrations Mini Tins


Average Market Price: $27.79


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $27.79 / 2 = $13.90 per pack

The Celebrations Mini Tins are great holiday gifts for children, but are a pretty expensive way to get Celebrations packs. Depending on the particular art of a tin, these tins are going for between $20 and $35. While they are pretty expensive online, these products are usually much cheaper in big box stores and are often left over when shelves are restocked. Unless you're looking for the artwork of a particular Pokémon Generation, there are better options for getting Celebrations packs.

Dragapult Prime Collection

Market Price: $29.63


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $29.63 / 2 = $14.82 per pack

The Dragapult Prime Collection is a bit more expensive than the Mini Tins, but comes with a promo card (Dragapult Prime) and a binder to put your cards in. The binder is a nice accessory, but unless you want the Dragapult Prime card, you can wait until this product drops in price to pick it up.

Zacian LV. X Deluxe Pin Collection

Market Price: $41.10


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $41.10 / 4 = $10.28 per pack

The Zacian LV. X Collection has an awesome promo card (Zacian LV. X) and a neat pin featuring Swimming Pikachu, but the best part of the collection are the four Celebrations booster packs. For under $42, the cost per pack is pretty close to the price of just buying four booster packs alone, which means buying this collection gets you a promo Zacian LV. X and two other booster packs practically for free.

Dark Sylveon Collection

Market Price: $43.76


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $43.76 / 4 = $10.94 per pack

The Dark Sylveon Collection is a bit more expensive than the Zacian LV. X Collection for the same number of booster packs. The Dark Sylveon V looks amazing in both the normal and oversized version and could be worth enough on its own to make up the difference in price, but if you just want the Celebrations packs, it is currently better just to buy the Zacian LV. X Collection instead.

Celebrations Collector Chest

Market Price: $56.58


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $56.58 / 6 = $9.43 per pack

The Collector Chests have been great products in the past, and this one is no exception. This Chest comes with three promo cards (Mimikyu D, Light Toxtricity, and Hydreigon C) and six Celebrations booster packs. This product makes for a great carrying case for kids to keep their collections, and has all the necessary accessories for them to start their own Pokémon collection.

However, the real value here is the number of packs in it, which almost makes it cheaper per pack than just buying the packs directly. Even at the cost of $60, this product is worthwhile to pick up, but the amount of waste you get from buying multiples might make it better to buy additional copies of other products.

Pikachu V Union Collection

Market Price: $62.88


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $62.88 / 4 = $15.72 per pack

The Pikachu V Union Collection box has a higher price per Celebrations booster pack than any other product so far, but this is largely due to the appeal of so many Pikachu. Pikachu V-Union is a special set of cards that show off 25 different interpretations of Pikachu drawn by 25 different Japanese artists, and could be a huge collector item for anyone that loves Pikachu. While this price won't get you as many Celebrations booster packs, a set of Pikachu V-Union cards could be well worth the additional cost after stock of the set has gone down and people are looking for these cards six months to a year after the release.

Lance's Charizard V Collection

Market Price: $77.42


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $77.42 / 4 = $19.36 per pack

At nearly double the price per pack of Celebrations, this box is only worth it if you really, really, really like Charizard. Lance's Charizard V is a spectacular card for collectors due to the massive amount of nostalgia around the character. As one of the Elite Four found in Kanto, Lance was a character that every kid went up against and remembered for having an incredibly powerful team. Seeing him in card form alongside Charizard, one of the most popular Pokémon of all time, is incredible. This card could be a great piece of anyone's collection, but you will probably be able to get the promo at a much lower price after release.

Celebrations Elite Trainer Box

Market Price: $86.24


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $86.24 / 10 = $8.62 per pack

The Elite Trainer Boxes are typically the best way to get a lot of booster packs for cheap. If you're only going to buy one product for Celebrations, picking up the Elite Trainer Box gives you the most packs right away.

Alongside the Celebrations booster packs, you're also getting the most non-Celebrations packs and a cool promo card (Greninja Star). Although you can find Celebrations Elite Trainer Boxes at big box stores for closer to MSRP (around $50-$60), these will be picked up immediately, so it will be hard to find them for MSRP unless you are there at the store as they are stocking. After release the cost of Elite Trainer Boxes will likely drop a bit, but until we see more of what allocation looks like for this set, expect it to rest at the $70 to $80 range.

Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Collection

Market Price: $138.70


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $138.70 / 8 = $17.34 per pack

While this product might have a cheaper Celebrations pack cost than the Lance's Charizard product, you're probably not buying it for that reason. If you're picking this box up, it's for one thing and one thing only: Beeg Pikachu.

The massive Gigantimax Pikachu figurine is the reason for spending $140 on this product and is a great shelf-piece for anyone that loves Pikachu or Pokémon in general. The eight packs of Celebrations are a nice addition, but the price of this product is completely based on what you're willing to pay for the Beeg Pikachu.

V Memories (Lance's Charizard V + Dark Sylveon V) Collection


Market Price: $300


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $300/6 = $50 per pack

This product was revealed later in prerelease season and was a Gamestop exclusive. The V Memories box is intended to be a combination of the Dark Sylveon V and Lance's Charizard V boxes, but because of the exclusivity and lack of availability, this box's price is likely more a price holder than an actual price point worth buying at. If you're interested in picking this box up, but didn't preorder it from Gamestop, you're better off waiting until people rush to sell theirs and the price goes down after release.

Ultra-Premium Collection

Market Price: $386.11


Celebrations Booster Pack Cost: $386.11 / 17 = $22.40 per pack

The final Celebrations product is also the largest and most expensive. Last year, we saw a similar product in the form of the Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Collection and it was a huge hit, if you could afford it and find the product for sale.

This box has 17 Celebrations packs. The cost per pack is a bit expensive at $22.40 per pack, but these promos have the potential to be very valuable over time. The two gold promos, Pikachu V and Poké Ball, will likely end up in the $15 region, but the metal promos are amazing nostalgia pieces for anyone that played the first generation or collected cards in the early days of the Pokémon TCG.

Although we haven't seen them yet, the two metal cards are commemorative versions of Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard, two of the most recognizable and popular cards of all time. Last year, the Ultra Premium Collection box was incredibly rare to find in the wild, and due to the increased popularity and potential scarcity of the product, this one will likely be even harder to find. If you can afford the price, this box can be the best way to have a celebration all on your own!

* * *

Celebrations is the most desired set of the entire year, and the initial release date is less than a week away. Because of the increase in popularity of collecting the Pokémon TCG, finding cards in the wild has become harder and harder, which can make it more of an adventure for some and a frustrating task for others.

Since I didn't pre-order any products, I'll be ordering my Elite Trainer Box online and looking for the Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Collection in local game stores. While we haven't seen the entire list, I'm crossing my fingers that I can get a Base Set Blastoise and Base Set Charizard from the Classic Collection to go with my original Base Set Venusaur!