Earlier this month we quietly debuted the new Photo Listings tool in the TCGplayer Marketplace, giving sellers the ability to show you photos of the exact card you want to buy. We also revised Seller Policies for those listings. What does that mean for YOU as a member of the TCGplayer community?

It means sellers can list cards with signatures from popular players, or Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actors. It means artists can now offer their card alters. It means you can see the condition of the most treasured Tournament Pack promos and the biggest Prize Cards before you buy them, or see with your own eyes just how "lightly" that Lightly Played tournament card really is. And it means that for the first time ever, non-English cards in languages like French, German, and Italian are at your fingertips.

And that's just the beginning. Hit the video to see a walkthrough, courtesy of our own Doug Zeeff.

Check out Photo Listings yourself! Dive in and see what this new chapter of the Marketplace has to offer, then let us know what you think of the new features down in the Comments.