Apoqliphort Towers' popularity has been a rollercoaster ever since it debuted. When it was first revealed duelists everywhere went insane, saying this would be the card that would break Yu-Gi-Oh! forever. When it was eventually released in the TCG though, most top Qliphort players weren't running even one copy. Now that YCS Charleston is over we can clearly see that many players have changed their minds about Apoqliphort Towers, but why?

Initially Towers was seen as a "win more" card. The idea was that if you had three Qliphorts on board and hadn't used your Normal Summon then you were probably going to win anyways. The issue is that if you're facing a field of multiple copies of Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, your 1800 ATK Qliphorts aren't really getting you anywhere. Towers almost instantly wins the game whenever it hits the field, and that's hard to overlook.

Additionally, the brand new Secret Rare Qliphort Monolith makes Towers incredibly appealing. Not only do you have a huge, nearly unstoppable monster on your side of the field but you also get to draw two or three cards in your End Phase with Monolith. That's a ridiculous combo and often wins you the game outright. On paper Towers has always been a powerhouse, but it hasn't found its way into winning deck lists until YCS Charleston. The most important question that steams from this discussion is simple: are you playing an out to Towers? If not, you might want to consider including some way around it!