Pendulum Summoning has been around for over a year, but it wasn't a competitive mainstay until very recently. With Performage Pendulums, Magicians, and Majespecters in the mix it seems like Pendulum Monsters are finally the competitive norm, and you're going to be at an inherent disadvantage if you're playing against those decks without any Pendulums of your own.

Pendulum Summoning gives duelists a near limitless pool of resources, because the monsters just go back to your Extra Deck instead of the graveyard when they're destroyed, Tuned, or Fused. It can be difficult to keep up if your deck isn't fast enough. One option that players have been flocking to is Artifact Scythe, and I think that's a great idea.


On the turn you Special Summon Artifact Scythe your opponent can't Special Summon any monsters from the Extra Deck. That locks them out of Xyz Summoning, Fusion Summoning, Synchro Summoning, and - most importantly - Pendulum Summoning their monsters from the Extra Deck. You can grab Scythe with Artifact Sanctum and loop it over and over again with Call Of The Haunted or Oasis of the Dragon Souls.

Artifacts are all Level 5 Lights, so you can parlay them into Constellar Pleiades, use it to bounce a dead Call Of The Haunted, and keep the Scythes coming. Artifact Scythe is really hard for Performage Pendulums to deal with because most of their Main Deck monsters are small Level 4s, so now' i a great time to try out a small Artifact suite!

-Doug Zeeff