Earlier this year the infamous +1 Fire Fist deck was the most dominant strategy in the game. It streamlined Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear into Coach Soldier Wolfbark, largely keeping the competition - like Geargia - in check. However, once that format ended and Coach Soldier Wolfbark was Limited, the strategy was robbed of its longevity and was effectively demolished. Flash forward to this October though, and Wolfbark's finally back at a full three copies per deck! It's unusual that a card would jump from Limited to Unlimited without hitting Semi-Limited first, but that's exactly what happened with this mighty Beast-Warrior.

That means we could see a resurgence in both Fire Fist and Fire King themes in the coming months. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear isn't nearly as powerful as it once was because of its weaknesses against Burning Abyss and Shaddolls, but it's still incredibly viable against a large number of rogue strategies. Either strategy works much like Satellarknights, kicking out a ton of Rank 4's per game. The difference is that Fire Fists and Fire Kings have the raw destruction power that Satellarknights just can't match. It'll be interesting to see if Wolfbark affects the competitive scene; if you traded away two copies back when it was Limited, now might be the perfect time to pick them up!