Most players tend to think that Judgment Dragon is the main Dragon in the Lightsworn strategy, but in reality Judgment Dragon is only your endgame plan of attack. With Lightsworns, you're trying to mill as many cards as possible, mainly to set up your Judgment Dragon plays. The problem? You need to avoid milling the Judgment Dragon itself, and you need to send useful stuff to the graveyard. This week's spotlight card - Eclipse Wyvern - covers both of those fronts in one neat package. Milling an Eclipse Wyvern allows you to banish your Judgment Dragon from your deck, where it's safe from being sent to the graveyard by your Lightsworns. Then, when Wyvern is banished, you get to add that Judgment Dragon right to your hand. It's a bit silly, but incredibly powerful nonetheless.

But how do you banish Eclipse Wyvern in the first place? You're mainly going to use any of the Dragon Rulers, like Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos. Not only are the Dragon Rulers great for banishing Eclipse Wyvern on a moment's notice, they're also really good in the graveyard, which means milling them isn't a problem. At the end of the day though, Eclipse Wyvern is the real bridge between Lightsworns and Dragon Rulers, and strengthens the Lightsworn Ruler deck tremendously. Watch for it this weekend in Detroit, coming off a big showing at last week's European World Championship Qualifier

-Doug Zeeff