Crossed Souls is upon us and I thought a perfect choice for this week's discussion would be an underused pick from the last release, World Superstars. Sylvan players everywhere were praising Rose Paladin and Rose Lover for their added consistency, but neither of those cards had as much of an impact as many expected. They were often dead draws and required other combo pieces to really work; they really only made your good hands better and your bad hands worse.


Enter: Flowerbot. This is a Level 3 Earth Plant that gets its effect whenever it's sent to the graveyard. Already, comparisons to Dandylion are probably being made, and that's not a bad thing. Whenever Flowerbot's effect is triggered you can draw a card and then place it on top of your deck. That's great and it adds consistency to Sylvans by digging you deeper to your combo cards like Lonefire Blossom, Miracle Fertilizer, and Sylvan Charity.

Where Flowerbot really shines, though, is when you stack it to the top of your deck with Sylvan Charity and then excavate it with Sylvan Hermitree. You'll net a draw off of Hermitree and a draw off of Flowerbot, after which you stack your deck for a further play. Flowerbot might not be the flashiest card out of World Superstars but it's sure to be worthwhile for Sylvans!

-Doug Zeeff