There are so many awesome cards in Crossed Souls that I had a difficult time picking which card to write about this week. Tons of theme-specific support goes head to head with great generic cards that every deck can use and it's all just really exciting. One of my favorite cards out of CROS is Galaxy Cyclone, a Normal Spell that gives Mystical Space Typhoon replacements a run for their money. Cards like Twister, Fairy Wind, Spell-Shattering Arrow, and Dust Tornado all have their uses as fourth, fifth, and sixth copies of Mystical Space Typhoon, but I believe Galaxy Cyclone beats them all.


The Cyclone has two powerful effects. First, you can activate it from your hand to target a set spell or trap and destroy it, regardless of if your opponent chains it in response. Then, you can banish the Cyclone on any following turn to destroy a face-up spell or trap card your opponent controls.

The first effect makes Galaxy Cyclone similar to Night Beam, but the second effect is where Cyclone really shines. You're destroying two cards for the price of one over the course of two turns. Players in Asia's OCG have been using Galaxy Cyclone successfully for months and I wouldn't be surprised if it has a similar streak over here.

Do you have your copies yet? Now might be the perfect time to pick them up before their price spikes!

-Doug Zeeff