It's been over a year since Geargiagear was originally Limited, but now it's back at three copies per the November 9th Forbidden & Limited List! Plenty of Geargia players have been begging for this thing back, and now it's finally a reality. For those of you that weren't playing two summers ago, Geargiagear's was most commonly used to Special Summon one Geargiano and one Geargiano Mk-II. That sets you up to Xyz Summon Gear Gigant X for free, netting a quick +1 and a 2300 ATK monster without even using your Normal Summon!


That said, it's hard to tell whether or not Geargia will be viable. When Geargiagear was last unlimited, Geargiauger wasn't released yet. Now though, Geargia have plenty of easy ways to throw Rank 4s on the field, often without losing any card economy.

A solid monster lineup and a heavy, floodgate-based trap arsenal might just be enough to put this Machine strategy back into the forefront of competition. If not that, then I'm sure Geargia will make waves at the Regional Qualifier level at the very least. With Satellarknights throwing away consistency by having Reinforcement of the Army Limited it might be time for an old school Rank 4 theme to shine again.

-Doug Zeeff