Duelist Pack: Battle City largely went unnoticed by the dueling community. Jeff Jones and two of his close friends dominating a small tournament, all playing three copies of a Super Rare from that set, however, excited a huge number of players and caused a tremendous price spike in one key card from the set – Juragedo. Pasquale, Jason, and Zach have been praising this Level 4 for several weeks over on the main site, and now it's finally received the attention that it rightfully deserves.


For a ton of strategies, Juragedo is just a more versatile Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, blocking your opponent's attack. It has a lot more uses though, as players are now discovering. You can use its other ability to pump up smaller monsters to big ATK scores, like Kozmo Farmgirl and Naturia Beast. Additionally, you can Special Summon Juragedo in your own Battle Phase, meaning you put an extra 1700 ATK on board, plus the 1000 ATK boost from its secondary effect.

Juragedo's especially useful in strategies that pay lots of Life Points, most notably the new Aromage and Kozmo decks. Both love having a lot of Life Points to pay for their effects, and Juragedo can give you those Life Points you need to turn a game around. Whether or not Juragedo will stay at its current price is hard to tell, but it's been over a week and it hasn't shown signs of decreasing any time soon. This may be one of the most splashable Level 4 monsters we've seen in a long time.

-Doug Zeeff