Kozmo Dark Destroyer might just be the most impactful card in all of Dimension of Chaos. It's currently holding the highest price tag of all set's cards, and it's already helped Kozmos become the absolute most represented deck in the Top Cut at the recent YCS San Jose.


Dark Destroyer is extremely powerful, packing not only a 3000 ATK body and a great effect when Summoned, but also the same non-targeting protection that Kozmo Forerunner carries. The only way you can really take it off the field is by blanket removal like Raigeki or by running it over in battle. But both of those measures are generally unfavorable, because Kozmo Dark Destroyer can be banished when it's destroyed to Special Summon any lower leveled Kozmo from your deck. That regularly sets up a Kozmo Forerunner for defense, but in a pinch you can use it to bring out Kozmo Farmgirl to mount an offensive on your turn.

Even when Kozmos weren't super popular they were still scary if you couldn't answer Kozmo Forerunner. Now though, Dark Destroyer is not only a slightly better version of Forerunner, but Kozmo are one of the best decks for tournament play. The strength of Kozmo Dark Destroyer – and Kozmo as a whole – is inarguable, and you either have to have a reliable answer for Dark Destroyer or accept fast losses.

-Doug Zeeff