It's a new year, a new format, and as of last Friday a new set! Secrets of Eternity hit the Yugiverse with a bang, bringing a plethora of support for top decks like Qliphorts and Burning Abyss while also supplying a steady stream of legacy support for Volcanics, Zombies, and many others. This week's card is the Ghost Rare of the set, Malacoda, Netherlord of the Burning Abyss! Ritual monsters are about to be huge with Nekroz in a month, but for now we're just getting a little taste of potential power in these blue-bordered monsters.

Malacoda has a lot going for it, or at least more than people are giving it credit for. Performing a Ritual Summon has usually been a steep cost, but that's mitigated when you're Tributing Burning Abyss monsters. In most cases, using Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss to Ritual Summon Malacoda will be a neutral exchange of card economy, and on your following turn you can search out any Burning Abyss card by banishing your Ritual Spell.

Malacoda itself clocks in at a gigantic 2700 ATK, running over pretty much every card in the Burning Abyss mirror match. Duelists everywhere are trying out ratios for these Ritual cards, the most common ones being just two Good & Evil or three Good & Evil and one Malacoda. I believe that Malacoda's one of the biggest sleepers of the set and I can't wait to see how things play out at YCS Charleston just around the corner!

-Doug Zeeff