There was no single card hyped more than Mask Change II going into YCS Charleston, and yet it seemed to fail to take many (if any) spots in the Top 32. That could be due a combination of factors, but the two that stand out are that people were Side Decking De-Fusions for Masked HERO Dark Law, and the fact that the HERO Strike Structure Deck was released on the Friday before the tournament. Regardless, it's no secret that Mask Change II is a threat in almost every metagame right now, even if that's only because of how powerful Masked HERO Dark Law is with its one-sided banishing effect.


The key difference between Mask Change and Mask Change II is that you can use the latter with monsters that aren't HERO stamped. That's super awesome for decks like Burning Abyss and Shaddolls so you can make Dark Law, but also for Mermails to make Masked HERO Acid and a variety of other rogue strategies. It's a hefty -2 to Summon a Fusion Monster, but if your deck can inherently plus enough to mitigate that cost then you should be set. Even if you're not using Mask Change II in your deck it's still worth watching out for in opposing strategies!