People tend to forget that Mermails dominated competitive tournaments for over six months, which is much longer than the infamous Dragon Ruler and Spellbook decks that plagued Yu-Gi-Oh! for just two. With newer decks now in the fray it looks like the shackles are slowly being lifted from the Mermail theme, the first of such changes being Mermail Abyssgunde's newly Unlimited status.

For the uninformed: Mermail Abyssgunde has been the centerpiece of most Mermail strategies ever since the Limiting of Atlantean Dragoons and Deep Sea Diva. Most of your aggressive plays come from discarding Abyssgunde to search your deck with Mermail Abysspike, Mermail Abyssteus, or Mermail Abyssmegalo. After 1-for-1ing into a search, Abyssgunde revives a card from your graveyard, scoring an easy +1 that fuels even more combos.

However, Mermails aren't nearly as scary as they once were, and many duelists are pointing out that Abyssgunde was the least dangerous of the three Limited Mermail cards. Regardless, Abyssgunde to three will definitely make an impact, especially on a local level. As Zach Buckley showed us last week, Mermails can be built on a fairly tight budget. Expect some fishy players in the coming weeks at your weekly tournament, and break out those dusty copies of Debunk and Soul Drain!

-Doug Zeeff