Today's Card of the Week is an easy call: with the exception of the Breakers of Shadow leaks, no card generated buzz like Odd-Eyes Fusion. I talked about the frightening power level of the Fusion Monster Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon before, back in the Dimension of Chaos Giant Set Review, and thanks to new cards in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, Odd-Eyes Fusion became one of the most speculated and sought-after cards in recent memory.


The new Structure Deck packs several cards that raise the bar where Odd-Eyes Fusion is concerned. Sky Iris is the real key, letting you destroy any one of your face-up cards once per turn to search an "Odd-Eyes" card from your deck. It lets you pop a Pendulum card from your field into your Extra Deck to make combos and Pendulum Summons, then grabs you Odd-Eyes Fusion. That speeds up any Odd-Eyes strategy and makes your best moves repeatable, while even feeding the Extra Deck to fuel Vortex Dragon's negation.

Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon is huge too, a Rank 7 that can Special Summon Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon from your Extra Deck at no cost when Absolute Dragon hits the graveyard. It can also detach an Xyz Material to negate an attack and Special Summon an Odd-Eyes monster from your hand or graveyard, so if your opponent runs over your Vortex Dragon, Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon brings it back. You don't even have to wait for your opponent to attack; you can make a push with one of your smaller monsters, negate that, and throw a battle-ready Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon onto the field. That bounces an opposing monster and sets up 2500 ATK, all backed by Vortex Dragon's negation.

The new Odd-Eyes cards make a lot of powerful and flexible combos – there are very few "small moves" in the theme, and the Odd-Eyes monsters command a mix of high ATK numbers, fast Special Summoning tricks, and comeback maneuvers. While the bulk of competitive hype right now is all about Performages and Performapals, don't be surprised if Odd-Eyes cards start to appear regularly in Top Cuts over the coming weeks. Odd-Eyes Fusion is just too good.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer