Brandon Miotke made Top 8 at the recent Garden City Regional Qualifier with his Pendulum Magician deck, and his build featured some cards that were drastically different from anything we've seen before.


He passed over common choices to make room for some of his own tech, and it really paid off. My favorite of Miotke's choices was Pendulum Rising, a two-of that allowed him to trade a monster for a Pendulum Monster of equal Level, destroying the Pendulum in the End Phase. It's a cost to send the original monster to the graveyard so you can't trade one Pendulum Monster for another, but he was playing plenty of good candidates anyways.

Performage Damage Juggler and Performage Trick Clown are obvious picks, netting you a Pendulum Monster and then making your -1 of card economy into a break-even trade with their effects – Damage Juggler and Trick Clown will both replace themselves on the field, mitigating the cost. You can search basically anything you'd need off of Pendulum Rising, which made Miotke's teched Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite so awesome. He could bounce whatever Pendulum Monster he Summoned back to his hand with Zephyros to keep it from being destroyed, finding him whatever Pendulum Scale he needed to structure a full Pendulum Summon. It's a really neat trick off of a totally overlooked card and it's great to see a competitor take advantage of it to earn himself a Top 8!

- Doug Zeeff