#####CARDID=16367##### Battle Pack 3: Monster League gives us a whole new way to play, but many duelists are ignoring the drafting aspect of the set and looking towards individual cards. Specifically, competitors are focusing on the reprints of sought-after stuff like Ghostrick Alucard and Daigusto Emeral as well as the new cards premiering in the set. While a majority of the new material isn't useful outside of drafting, Quantum Cat might be the most versatile.

Quantum Cat's a trap monster, a mechanic largely ignored by the global Yu-Gi-Oh! community. Whenever you activate it you'll get a 2200 DEF monster with the typing and attribute of your choice. That's useful for making the other half of Xyz Monsters like Starleige Paladynamo, Master Key Beetle, and Constellar Omega. Quantum Cat helps out the new Yang Zing cards too, since their boss monster – Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing – gains effects based on the different attributes you use to Synchro Summon it. As the months go by we could eventually see a type or attribute based theme emerge, and if that does happen then Quantum Cat could be a huge asset!