The October 1st Forbidden and Limited List was revealed last week, and with it came a ton of cards that haven't been moved on the list in years. The most shocking example was Raigeki: a powerful, no-cost spell card that's been forbidden since April 2004! Raigeki is a one-sided Dark Hole, destroying all your opponent's monsters for absolutely free. It's kind of strange that it's now at one instead of Dark Hole going to Semi-Limited, but regardless we're looking at a format with big possible blowouts. Raigeki isn't as game-breaking as it was before, but it's still pretty darn powerful and can be played in virtually any deck.


The real question is whether duelists will actually run it at all. Dark Hole has fallen out of favor as of late because of cards like El Shaddoll Winda, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, all of the Burning Abyss monsters, and all the Shaddolls with graveyard triggers. So many cards either can't be destroyed, or get effects when they hit the graveyard that Dark Hole has seemed pretty lackluster. Raigeki is strictly an upgraded version of Dark Hole, but its power level is dampened by the same factors. Will it be played? Only time will tell. Regardless, it's still totally awesome that Raigeki is back from the grave, and I can't wait to see how many players run it in the coming weeks!