I'm going to be honest: I think people aren't talking about Samurai Cavalry of Reptier because they don't realize it's not a Normal Pendulum monster like the last four Sneak Peak promos. That's a shame because it's crazy good. Samurai Cavalry has a lot going for it: its Pendulum Scale is 3, it's a Level 4 Dinosaur, it has 1800 ATK, and it's an Ally of Justice Catastor for all non-Pendulums. Wait, what?


Yeah, re-read the monster effect again. I originally read it as a Catastor for Pendulum Monsters, but it's actually the opposite. In a general sense, Samurai Cavalry of Reptier can rip any monster to shreds so long as it's not a Pendulum. And that's great.

Back to the stats, though. A Pendulum Scale of 3 lets you set up half of a Pendulum Summon for Level 4 monsters, so Samurai Cavalry of Reptier's best in Pendulum-based strategies. Not only can you use it as a Pendulum Scale, but you can repeatedly bring it back from the Extra Deck by Pendulum Summoning it. The brand new Majespecter theme might be a perfect fit because none of them have restrictions on what you Summon and the strategy already revolves around Pendulum Summoning Level 3s and 4s. I seriously think that Samurai Cavalry of Reptier has potential and I'm surprised so many people have overlooked it. Now might be the perfect time to pick up your copies before savvy duelists catch on!

-Doug Zeeff