It's not too often we find a theme-stamped monster that's extremely splashable. Traptrix Myrmeleo and Artifact Moralltach come to mind in recent times, but monsters like that aren't very common. Duelist Alliance brought players everywhere a brand new versatile Level 4 monster in Shaddoll Dragon. All the Shaddolls have two effects: one when they're flipped and one when they're sent to the graveyard by a card effect. What makes Shaddoll Dragon stand out from the crowd is that both of its effects work independently outside of its core theme. Whenever it's flipped up you can bounce a card to your opponent's hand, and whenever it's sent to the graveyard you can destroy a spell or trap.

Clocking in at a respectable 1900 ATK, Shaddoll Dragon is completely fine to draw, unlike Artifact Moralltach. However, Shaddoll Dragon is just as useful in the deck, where you can use cards like Mathematician and Foolish Burial to instantly take out spells and traps. It's a play that might not be so surprising anymore now that Jeff Jones popularized it with his Burning Abyss deck, but it'll still catch your opponents off-guard. If you're running a deck packing Mathematician or Foolish Burial then I'd advise giving Shaddoll Dragon a try!