A lot of players are complaining about how prevalent Lightsworn Rulers are at their locals, and for good reason. The deck's fast, explosive, and - dare I say - "sacky." It's also extremely cheap to build, and inexperienced players can easily find a certain level of success with it. If your local metagame's cluttered with Lightsworn Rulers and you're looking for a single card to completely shut them down then look no further than Soul Release – one of the marquee tech cards from the North American WCQ.


Played by both Deon Akridge and Tej Trivedi in the WCQ Top 4, Soul Release's power lies in how it cuts Lightsworn Rulers' second stage game plan from ever happening. Generally, your opponent is going to mill a ton of cards, pass to you, and then on their following turn blow up the field multiple times with Judgment Dragon in a bid to attack for game. That gives you one turn to disrupt your opponent's game plan, and Soul Release does that beautifully. Most of your Lightsworn opponents are only going to be playing four or five one-of Lightsworns, so hitting three or more of them with Soul Release basically means they can't Special Summon Judgment Dragon ever. Beyond that, you can banish multiple Dragon Rulers too, to prevent Eclipse Wyvern from ever added Judgment Dragon to their hand. Soul Release is costless, versatile, and a perfect counter to Lightsworn strategies of all kinds. Give it a try!