Yu-Gi-Oh! is at an all-time high of speed; games are ended in a matter of turns. It seems weird, then, that a card like Soul Transition could have incredibly utility. In short, Soul Transition turns any Level 4 monster into a Cardcar D, which is something that could be insanely powerful down the road. Think about how good this card would've been in +1 Fire Fist format! Right now though, it appears as though this trap card's only place is in one deck and one deck only: Qliphorts.


As most of you know, Qliphort Carrier and Qliphort Helix both get trigger effects when they're tributed, making Soul Transition a perfect card to do some damage to your opponent's board. The standard opening of a Scout in the Pendulum Zone with a Carrier or Helix equipped with Saqlifice is the perfect conditions for Soul Transition, allowing you to bounce a monster or blow up a backrow, draw two cards, and get a search off of Saqlifice! It's a risky play right now with every deck OTKing all over the place but it has huge potential when the format slows down. Soul Transition has steadily evened out to a reasonable price over the past couple weeks and now might be the lowest it'll ever be. Make sure to pick up yours before it's too late!

-Doug Zeeff