Outlandish pieces of backrow removal have been popping up all over the place lately, mainly to counter Qliphorts. Mystical Space Typhoon's always been an awesome piece of simple removal, but other techs like Twister, Spell Shattering Arrow, and Typhoon have been everywhere. The weirdest, and possibly the best, new tech to be discovered might just be Storm: a Heavy Storm knockoff that's an absolute blowout in the Qliphort mirror match or even against backrow heavy decks like Satellarknights and Volcanics.


Basically, you destroy all your own spells and traps to destroy the same number of your opponent's. That's really, really good when you have Qliphort Scout. You can use Scout to search Saqlifice, set the Saqlifice, and then Storm to destroy your own two cards and two opposing cards. Saqlifice immediately searches another Scout, which you can play to nab another Saqlifice and equip it to any of your Normal Summon Qliphorts.

It's identical to the regular Qliphort opening of an 1800 ATK Level 4 Qliphort with Saqlifice but you also destroy two of your opponent's backrows. Storm is one of those cards that definitely wasn't powerful when it was first released over two years ago, but with the right strategy can result in Heavy Storm-like auto-wins. It's crazy, and if you're a Qliphort player I'd definitely suggest picking up a few copies to try out!

- Doug Zeeff