Duelists everywhere are scrambling to find the best ways to take out Burning Abyss and Satellarknights. Both of those strategies are top decks of the format, and both rely heavily on Xyz Summons. This week's card - Stygian Dirge - basically just tells your opponent that they can't Xyz Summon at all. It's one-sided, costless, and completely insane. Dirge stays up on the field and reduces the Levels of all your opponent's monsters by one. Satellarknight decks probably aren't going to be playing Rank 3s, and Burning Abyss decks aren't going to be using Rank 2s, so Stygian Dirge cuts off your opponent's Extra Deck entirely.


The best part? You can Side Deck Stygian Dirge in literally anything. It's generic and - as I mentioned before – totally one-sided. Your opponent is stuck digging for a Mystical Space Typhoon and, if they can't find one, they're not going to be Xyz Summoning. If you're entering a competitive tournament in the coming weeks you've definitely got to check this trap card out. If you're using an Xyz-centric theme, make sure you watch out for opposing Stygian Dirges too! You'll need some Mystical Space Typhoons ready for Stygian Dirge, otherwise you're going to get run over by the competition.