Most duelists aren't a fan of mirror matches because if you're both playing the same strategy it can be difficult to make your best plays. Qliphorts have trouble in the mirror because your Skill Drains are dead; Shaddolls have a hard time getting rid of their own Extra Deck monsters to mess up their opponent's Shaddoll Fusion; and Burning Abyss pilots can't make the most of Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss. This week's card has been popping up in quite a few Burning Abyss deck lists from the first weekend of the format, and for good reason! The Beginning of the End quite simply ends the game when you resolve it in the mirror match.


This spell has a huge cost: you need seven Darks in your graveyard and you have to banish five of them. The good part? It gives you a straight +2 of card economy, which is even better than the infamous Pot of Greed. The Beginning's a bomb waiting to go off and its resolution puts you way ahead of your opponent. The Burning Abyss theme really doesn't need any of their cards to stay in the graveyard besides Dante and a single Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, so banishing a bunch of used up Tour Guides or extra Burning Abyss monsters isn't a steep activation requirement.

The Beginning of the End is great for Burning Abyss decks, especially those running bigger monster lines. I can't see much reason to forgo this powerful spell card moving forward.

-Doug Zeeff