Soul Exchange has been the go-to method of Tribute Summoning your opponent's monsters for a long time, but it always came at a steep price: you had to give up your Battle Phase. Still, Soul Exchange did manage to find its way into dedicated Monarch strategies, leveraging an inherent one-for-one into a possible +1. Duelist Alliance brings us a whole new version of this age-old spell in the form of The Monarchs Stormforth. Not only does Stormforth let you keep your Battle Phase, it also doesn't target. This means if your opponent drops a Forbidden Lance on one of their monsters you can just Tribute another one instead.


As we've already seen in several top decks, The Monarchs Stormforth is totally playable in a variety of strategies. Shaddolls use Shaddoll Beast and Artifact Moralltach, which are often dead cards in the hand if you happen to draw them. The Monarchs Stormforth turns those dead cards into powerful pieces of removal; an awesome addition to the Shaddoll arsenal. Beyond that, Batterymen can tribute monsters for Batteryman Charger, which tends to lead into an OTK! Of course, plenty of regular Monarch builds are dropping Soul Exchange for The Monarchs Stormforth too, which is no surprise; it's better, it doesn't target, and it doesn't keep you from attacking with the monster you Tribute Summon, the turn you Summon it. If you're packing some Level 5 or higher monsters make sure to give this spell a shot.