By design, land cards are an inescapable necessity for a Magic deck (with a few exceptions.) Finding a way to reduce your dependance on lands is certainly one strategy, but on the plane of Zendikar, we have some different options available to us.

Enter the creature lands. Our preview card, Hissing Quagmire, is a great example of how you can have your cake and eat it too - only don't eat this one, because it's coated in deathtouch.

For this Casual Cocktail, we want to blend Hissing Quagmire with other similar lands, and cards that benefit from being in a land-rich environment. Here's my short list of contenders:

Current creature lands:

And let's toss in the entire retreat cycle since we don't know what colors we're aiming at:

There is one creature who seems keenly suited to build around for our land theme:

And she makes all of the spells with awaken that much better, too.

At this point, I think we can narrow it down to three colors. We definitely want to use the Hissing Quagmire in BG, and adding blue gets us Tidecaller, so let's flesh out a Sultai deck a bit:

4 Halimar Tidecaller

4 Retreat to Coralhelm
4 Retreat to Hagra
4 Retreat to Kazandu

Retreat to Hagra can be a win condition on its own, draining life on every land drop. The other retreats help us stay alive long enough to execute our plan. The rest of the deck performs a similar function - Jaddi Offshoot can buy us a few extra turns by blocking and providing more life, and a suite of awaken spells give us ways to control the board (as well as give our Tidecaller a way to earn her paycheck.)

The final list? (Jungle Hollow stands in for Hissing Quagmire in this list.)


There ya go! If you like turning lands sideways for reasons other than making mana, this deck could make for a fun night at the kitchen table.

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