Recently, the guys at the Command Zone podcast mentioned a handful of other Magic content providers that they enjoyed and wanted to recommend. I enjoyed the podcast but they mentioned others that practically everyone who consumes Magic content already knows. I don't need to be told that Limited Resources or the Professor from Tolarian Community College offer great content. What I wanted to hear was about the providers who are a little more unknown. I wanted to discover new content to keep me occupied on my ride into work or during my lunch break.

I am pretty sure I'm not the only one looking for new Magic content so I thought I would share this group with you. You likely know of some of these already, but if I can add one or two new links for you to check out, I've done my job.

Kitchen Table Magic

For a while, it seemed like there was an interview podcast for every day of the week. Then, for a variety of reasons, each of them stopped. This was a shame. I enjoy hearing from various Magic celebrities about their lives or particular moments or social issues that seem to be revolving around them. Kitchen Table Magic picks up where these other shows left off.

Sam Tang hosts this interview podcast that belies its name and goes well past the Kitchen Table aspect of Magic to talk to various luminaries in the game. Season One included Jennifer Long, Brian Braun-Duin, Tifa Robles, Helene Bergeot, and Mark Rosewater! Season Two continues with Marshall Sutcliffe, Rich Hagon, Jimmy Wong and others. Sam builds a good back-and-forth during the interviews. This has quickly risen to be one of my favorite Magic podcasts.

General Damage Control

This website is a labor of love. A group of Commander players got together and decided to start their own site. With everyone writing for free, you know they are pouring their heart and soul into it! The benefit of multiple authors on one site is that no one person is trying to produce all the content week in and week out. You also get different writing styles and points of view from one article to the next, and there's plenty of content every week. While it can be a bit sporadic, I tend to enjoy everything they do.

I got the chance to meet most of the writers at GDC a couple of years ago at GenCon and they are the real deal. They play a ton of Commander and have more decks than most anyone I know. They recently saw some expanded notoriety when James and Alex did a point and counterpoint article about the deck aggregator site EDHrec. Two excellent articles that examined how format knowledge affects a casual format like Commander.

Note: Revealing my bias, just over a year ago, Sean Patchen did a tongue-in-cheek article on General Damage Control looking at the keywords from Commander 2015 and Conspiracy.

Dear Azami (Hipsters of the Coast version)

The Dear Azami series started out at StarCityGames as a way for players to submit their deck lists for review. The writer would go through the deck and make suggestions to improve the deck. After a while, StarCity opted to drop the series, and most of the readers thought it was dead. But in February this year, Dear Azami was resurrected at Hipsters of the Coast with Levi Byrne at the helm.

The series follows a formula: reader presents their deck, explaining what they think the problems are with the deck. Levi goes through making cuts and additions that address the shortcomings of the deck. I enjoy the series, not so much for the nuts and bolts, but for the generalities that go with it. Levi looks to the theory of the deck and suggests where that can be changed or improved, then provides the cards to make it happen. This has helped me with changes to improve my own decks, even if they are nothing like the deck currently under the knife.

I'd like to see this series happen more regularly, but I'm not sure if it is time constraints or a lack of deck lists to Levi. If it is the latter, start reading and sending him your decks in need of repair! This is a great series and something I'd love to see really take off for Levi and Hipsters.

The Singleton Syndicate

I'm generally a little reluctant to recommend any podcast that is still in its infancy, but the Singleton Syndicate has had a strong start and appears to have found its footing. Jason and Brian are longtime Commander players with a solid card knowledge and a willingness to share that with their listeners. The podcast focuses on some aspect of Commander and runs with it.

The early episodes were a little rough around the edges for sound quality, but the guys seem to have things figured out in the last couple of casts and it is well worth the listen. The past episodes have focused on each of the guild colors, with the hosts suggesting powerful cards for each color pair, along with a decklist.


Andrew Weisel is the writer behind this blog. He is one of the most prolific and consistent bloggers I know. With his Arbitrary Card of the Day series and steady stream of Q&A with his readers, there is new content practically every day. Add in his Bad Draws comic every Saturday and Andrew always has something going on.

Andrew's Twitter feed is an extension of the site with tweets regularly expanding on his posts and bringing life to some of the shorter blog posts. It doesn't hurt that he links to everything new going up on the site!


Many of you have already been to EDHrec and take advantage of all the information it offers to help with your deckbuilding. While I can't say enough about that aspect of the site, I also want to encourage you to check out the articles on the site. Since November, EDHrec has been putting out Commander articles from a variety of writers. With at least one article going up every weekday there is always content to enjoy!

I started checking out the articles for Andy Hull (half of the Commander's Brew podcast team) and Nate Burgess (formerly of Commanderin). Both men do a great providing fun and helpful content. At some point I read some of the other articles that were there and now I'm checking out the site almost every day to see what's new! Given most of the articles are about decks or commanders, the archives age well. You can spend several days catching up on all the content that is already available.

Chris Lansdell

Chris started in the Magic community as a podcaster and later a writer for Manadeprived. He was primarily a casual player, slinging Commander games with wild brews, putting his wit on display each week. This morphed into a player who regularly builds crazy decks for various tournament formats (and has helped me with more than one difficult rules interaction)!

Nowadays Chris can be found writing weekly for StarCityGames, brewing up all sorts of interesting decks. Of everyone on this list, Chris is the only one who isn't writing for a dedicated casual audience. I've enjoyed his writing for a long time and I think he doesn't get enough credit for his talent as a writer. Chris is someone I'll read, just to enjoy the writing. Come for the writing and leave with all sorts of bizarre ideas that can morph into curious casual decks to torture your local metagame! He also just became Canada's newest Level 3 judge!

Abe Sargent

If Abe Sargent is new to you, then you have been missing out. I first discovered Abe's writing with StarCityGames and now he is writing twice a week with GatheringMagic. Whenever I think that I'm having a tough time coming up with an idea, or trying to figure out how I'm going to make my deadline, I think of Abe. Abe's oldest article still in the StarCity archives is from October, 2001 and I'm sure that is not his first. Through all of this, I don't believe Abe has ever missed a deadline. Seventeen years and never missed a deadline? Abe's ethic is unparalleled. He writes his articles often a week before deadline. He has several articles written ahead of time so if an emergency comes up, he still has an article to submit.

Abe is a casual player and his articles cover all things casual. Whether he is talking about a Commander deck, a Top 10 list, Cube, or some variant that has captured his attention, he writes with professionalism and attention to detail. When I brought back the Multiplayer Magic Hall of Fame for DailyMTG, I knew Abe was one of the writers I wanted to have on board helping out.

Abe currently has two articles per week on GatheringMagic. His Top 10 series shows up every Tuesday, while a more generally casual series is every Monday.

If you have a podcast or blog that is a little off the beaten path that you enjoy, let me know! I'm always interested in reading someone new!

Bruce Richard