Vivid Voltage releases this week and it is turning up the heat in standard! The Galar Champion is finally here to pump up your attacks so that you can one-shot nearly any Pokemon in the game with Charizard VMAX! The Slowpoke Well is back with another deck profile that answers the question: "How can I play two Welders in the same turn?". If you have this question burning inside of you, then look no further and check out the video below!

It is finally time for a Charizard deck to be back on top of the tournament scene! No other deck can continually hit the damage that Charizard VMAX can put out in a single turn and will definitely give Zacian V competition for the strongest Pokemon in standard. This deck is incredibly streamlined, making it easy to find the strategies you will need in each match to win and heavily relies on cheap supporters that can be picked up on a budget. If you want to see more deck profiles just like this, be sure to check out The Slowpoke Well on Youtube, where he has an entire playlist dedicated to the best decks coming with Vivid Voltage!