Here's a fun fact: Whitemane Lion can target itself with its bounce ability, putting it right back in your hand. With God-Eternal Oketra in play, you gain a 4/4 vigilant black Zombie token every time you do this. So, with just six mana, you can put 12 power and toughness on the board every turn. That's nuts.

God-Eternal Oketra is, well, a God so that part of your combo is about as resilient as you can get in Magic. As for Whitemane Lion, if you can't draw the kitty, you can always use Kor Skyfisher, Blinking Spirit or Aviary Mechanic to bounce your creatures, recast them for Oketra triggers and build your Zombie army. Or Stonecloaker, or Eiganjo Free-Riders, or Dust Elemental, or Emancipation Angel...

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