Massacre Girl is incredibly powerful, and she knows it. Like any respectable Rakdos diva, she only shows off her best work (murdering everyone) when there's a big enough audience (of victims).

There's two challenges to building around Massacre Girl. First, to make her super-flavorful ability relevant, you have to ensure that she "goes off" and wipes the board every time you play her from the command zone. Second, you want a way to win after she clears the board.

To get the killing spree started, we've got lots of low-toughness creatures and ways to create them: cards like Dusk Legion Zealot, Reassembling Skeleton and Forbidden Orchard. Then once the board is clear, you can close out the game with powerful enchantments and planeswalkers, like Bloodchief Ascension, Liliana, the Last Hope and Ob Nixilis Reignited.

Jumbo Commander

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