We have been following a developing story about MTG Amino user NoUsernamePlz, who has been leaking various cards from the newest upcoming set, Commander Legends. According to NoUsernamePlz, it turns out packs he had been leaking were originally stolen. As a consequence, NoUsernamePlz was forced to return the packs, and so he will not be leaking any more cards.

Well guys, looks like our worst fears have come to pass. Turns out the original Ebay listing I bought was stolen, so I had to end up giving the packs back to the original company. They also wanted me to take down the posts, and while that can't stop the images from circulating, I still went through with that as a gesture of goodwill.

"They" seems to refer to the company the cards were stolen from, most likely Wizards of the Coast or one of their distributors. Exactly what occurred remains vague, but it seems likely that WotC or a related company reached out to NoUsernamePlz demanding an end to the leaks and threatening legal action.

This apology by NoUsernamePlz looks genuine at surface level. However, some may be a bit skeptical of this "gesture of goodwill"—after all, it's absurd to imagine he didn't know WotC would be angry about them leaking cards ahead of schedule, regardless of how the cards wound up in their hands ahead of the set's release. The apology feels more like a person trying to save face after being slapped on the wrist.

Unfortunately this means I can't post any more leaks, however I'm still excited about the new set! I can assure you guys there wasn't anything too crazy in the last three packs I opened, so you aren't missing out on much. Once the set comes out I'll definitely be building Yurlok, and maybe the Kodama too.

Despite being reprimanded, NoUsernamePlz is still talking about the leaks he provided in the very post explaining why he has taken down those leaks.

Well guys, that was a fun adventure! Thanks for joining me on it, and let's all look forward to the actual spoiler season! I've got a deck tech for the new Drana coming out soon, so I'll see you all then. Until next time!

In the comments section of their apology, NoUsernamePlz revealed that he leaked approximately one-quarter of the entire set. Furthermore, because he only bought one of three lots from the eBay listing, there may be one or two more leakers out there. We will update you with more on this if it occurs.

It is TCGplayer policy not to list cards on the marketplace until after they have been revealed through official sources.