Commander Legends began its preview season this past Monday, October 26th, and since that's well underway, let's talk about some more of the coolest cards we've seen so far.

Magus of the Order

While Magus of the Order was revealed in German through a Youtube video by, we only received a render of the card in English today by Wizards of the Coast. This card is quite powerful, but that's expected of the last sorcery-inspired card in the "Magus" mega-cycle.

To be frank, I'm not even sure that there's a name for the kind of phenomenon the "Magus" cards are, collectively. There's a cycle of artifact-centric Magi, a cycle of land-centric Magi, and a cycle of enchantment-centric Magi as well. According to the Magic: The Gathering Wiki on Gamepedia, a "mega-cycle" is defined as a cycle of cards that are released in different sets in one block, while a "mega-mega-cycle" is a cycle that exists among cards in different releases spanning more than just one block. So, while the sorcery-centric Magi such as Magus of the Order are a mega-cycle, the Magi as a collective have yet to be given an official term.

But I digress. Magus of the Order is especially strong, given that it's a pastiche of the iconic Visions card Natural Order. Tutoring a green creature and putting onto the battlefield is very powerful, provided that your tutor target isn't stolen by someone playing Opposition Agent (expect this play to show up fairly often in Commander Legends Limited, if not Commander Constructed gameplay).

Demonic Lore

Demonic Lore was previewed by the Japanese version of the Magic mothership website. At first glance, this uncommon card is certainly high risk but has a high up-front reward. I'd love to draw three cards at the low price of only three mana. The catch of losing a ton of life at the end of the turn for the chance to draw these cards, however, gives me pause. Is 2 life per card in hand worth the impulsivity of drawing a few extra cards? We still have a few days left in the preview season—perhaps a new, as-of-yet unrevealed card in Commander Legends will prove this card to be valuable after all.

Amareth, the Lustrous

Revealed by LoadingReadyRun via YouTube, Amareth, the Lustrous is a great card, and very different from fellow white-blue-green Dragons Treva, the Renewer , Arcades, the Strategist, and Arcades Sabboth. Arcades iterations aside, when we saw Amareth, the Lustrous my thought went quickly to Treva and oh, how times have changed! Rather than gaining some often-meager amount of life for connecting like Treva, Amareth gives players reasonable amounts of card advantage simply for having permanents enter play.

A key note to emphasize is that Amareth does not specify nontoken permanents, so tokens will trigger Amareth as well. It's also worth noting that Amareth's ability does not technically draw cards (the cards are revealed and then "put… into your hand"). This means that cards like Nekusar, the Mindrazer don't affect the card advantage Amareth, the Lustrous provides.

The more I look at these previews, the more hyped up and excited I become. The set looks wild already, and we are only three days into the preview season! I'm looking forward to the rest of the cards to come.