I am excited to be starting a new article series that any member of the TCGplayer community has a chance to participate in! I will be taking a deck submitted by someone with an account on TCGplayer as inspiration, making whatever updates I see fit and then trying it out for myself. In order to be eligible to have a deck chosen for my article series, you need to "submit a deck," which will then be posted on the TCGplayer Community Boards.

This week the deck I am using for inspiration was posted by a player with the handle "zerodyme."

First of all, I like that the deck is straight white. There isn't really a need to play additional colors, and this way the mana is more consistent. Playing a card like Runed Halo is much easier with white as your only color. Form of the Dragon is in the deck as a bullet which can be searched for with Enduring Ideal. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is an extremely powerful payoff card which rewards playing as many white enchantments as possible. Normally casting Enduring Ideal involves making lots of mana with a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx first.

The deck posted is 61 cards, and doesn't contain a sideboard. Here is my updated list, and I believe these updates allow Enduring Ideal to compete with some of the best decks in Modern:

The core of the deck I have left untouched, though we've added a sideboard and gone to 60 main deck. The win conditions remain the same, as well as most of the important bullets that can be searched for with Enduring Ideal. Trimming on Path to Exile and Porphyry Nodes helped allow me to make additional room. These two cards are good, but I like having the ability to diversify on removal. Journey to Nowhere is a removal spell which stays in play no matter what, which is different from a card like Porphyry Nodes that often is sacrificed soon after you cast it.

The other cards I have added to the main deck are an additional Sphere of Safety, Ghost Quarters and a copy of Faith's Fetters. Sphere of Safety has been extremely impressive. Against both Infect and Mono-Green Aggro Sphere of Safety became a way to stop the opponent from having any good attacks. This is the card that really rewards putting lots of enchantments in your deck, as well as working nicely alongside Ghostly Prison. The Ghost Quarters as a way to deal with Inkmoth Nexus, and Faith's Fetters as a removal spell that gains life also felt good.

The sideboard has hate cards for some of the more specific Modern matchups, while also having some versatile options as well. I like having the Greater Auramancy in the sideboard, since giving your enchantments hexproof in game one doesn't come up that often but does later. The Boseiju, Who Shelters All are here to help the control matchups, but unfortunately, they never showed up in the match versus Jeskai Control. I found myself sideboarding in the additional removal in the board a lot, as those cards aren't so matchup specific.

The Leyline of Sanctity and Suppression Field in the main deck didn't feel relevant against aggro, so they come out often. These are the types of cards that have a high upside but have matchups where they do next to nothing. Even so, having white enchantments still helps with devotion, and the count for Sphere of Safety. Overall I was impressed with how the Mono-White Enduring Ideal deck performed. Infect is one of the top Modern decks, and that matchup felt fairly easy. The Jeskai Control matchup, on the other hand, was pretty frustrating since Counterspells are so difficult to beat.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield