Back for the second installment of Community Modern! This time I found a Tooth and Nail/Madcap Experiment deck that looks awesome, and I felt obliged to see If I could improve on the concept. The initial list was posted by FictionalHaze on TCGplayer's deck entry tool.

The shell is a green ramp deck that wants to make lots of mana quickly, which we where we start. However, this is not Green Devotion, with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, or even a regular Tooth and Nail deck. I hadn't seen the idea of playing Madcap Experiment alongside Tooth and Nail until I stumbled upon this decklist. Madcap Experiment plus Platinum Emperion is a combination we have now seen inserted into more than just one Modern archetype, since it is a powerful enough package to go in many different strategies. That includes a deck where the other option is to entwine Tooth and Nail to get Xenagos, God of Revels to give haste to the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn we are also fetching up.

Looking at this decklist, I didn't want to mess with the main deck too much but there are some subtle changes I did make in the main that are important. My sideboard is also quite different from the one posted by FictionalHaze.

After leaving the key combo and ramp cards intact, there are just a few slots to play with in the main. One Platinum Emperion got cut because I believe two is enough, and the likelihood of drawing both and a Madcap Experiment in the same game isn't high enough. I like keeping the 21 lands, but there are a couple extra basic Forests in exchange for fetch lands. The mana base in this deck is so solid that you can afford to add more basics alongside an additional copy of Blood Moon. The potential of a turn two Blood Moon is scary for a lot of decks. I also shaved two Voyaging Satyr's to make room for a couple of business spells.

The reason I cut two Voyaging Satyr is it is a two-mana creature that is still going to get hit by any removal spell the opponent might have. The fact that it can untap lands is a key synergy of the deck, but even with two Voyaging Satyr the deck has 16 ramp spells and four planeswalkers that can also add mana - that is a ton of ramp.

This made room for the additional creature package: a singleton Eternal Witness, Thragtusk and Hornet Queen can be found off Primal Command, another new addition.

The original list I saw splashed white for sideboard cards, but I don't believe that is necessary. There are plenty of good green and red cards to choose from. The question becomes what matchups you want to focus on, because of how many different decks Modern has. The Platinum Angels are important because they supplement the Madcap Experiments, but all the other cards you can make good arguments for or against having in the sideboard. In Modern, I like having lot of one and two-ofs that can come in for many different matchups, so that you can take out enough of the cards that end up being bad game one.

Playing against the Blue-Red Delver deck that also ran land destruction, we had lots of bad cards in the main deck. Both Blood Moon and Overgrowth were very uninspiring here, and it was the sideboard cards that ended up being clutch. Having creatures like Obstinate Baloth and Thragtusk as alternative win conditions definitely paid off.

In the other matches we were more reliant on Tooth and Nail. Accelerating out a third-turn Tooth and Nail with entwine was a special moment. Then in the match against the rogue mono-black we were able to play a longer game, and win a really weird game two, showing the versatility of our deck. Sometimes you will face off against decks that are not established Modern decks whatsoever, and having that flexibility to adapt to whatever is thrown at you is important.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield