The struggle is real! Master Rule 5 and the new Advanced Format shake up everything we know abut competition starting tomorrow, and for many competitors that means one thing: it's time for a new deck. But it's early days, and with Link Monsters no longer a must the field is wide open! The secondary market's full of question marks and you don't want to make a big bet too early and find out that you made a mistake.

What's the solution? How about an awesome budget deck! Leon's got a laundry list of soft-on-the-wallet strategies that are #toostronk, and thanks to Master Rule 5 that doesn't mean settling for a second-rate stance in competition. If you're stuck at home you might even want to slap together a few of these budget blowouts to play with your roomies and your fam, so check out TheCaliEffect's latest hit list.



The first deck on Leon's list was Cyber Dragons, and if you want to add it to your gauntlet you can find a fresh build - and a full guide to the deck's biggest combos and match-ups - in Kelly's latest article.