Not that I love annoying people and providing them with terrible jokes andpuns, but… I can't come up with a counter to that because on the contrary,if I can make someone cringe with a joke while doing finger guns, I've donemy due diligence for the day.

So needless to say, I've always loved Ojama decks.

The Ojama cards debuted in Dark Crisis with Ojama Green and OjamaTrio, a trap card that actually bounced on and off the Forbidden &Limited List over the past few years. The word "ojama" is short for theJapanese greeting "ojamashimasu," a kind way of apologizing when you'rebutting in on someone's personal space, or more specifically, their home.Even if you someone invited you, it's considered a nice gesture toapologize for the hassle you're imposing upon them.

Ojama cards - as evidenced by Ojama Trio - are only obeying the letter ofthe law, a play on the traditional apology as a mockery of it. The cardsmay seem polite on the surface, but whether they're invading youropponent's field zones with Ojama King, or switching their stats woth OjamaCountry, how sorry are they really?

Probably about as sorry as Antonio Espinar was when he used his OjamaABC-Dragon Buster deck to earn a Top 8 finish at the San Fernando Regionalin Spain.

DECKID=108527Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millenniumbrought us tons of legacy support for Ancient Gears, Crystal Beasts, andeven A REPRINTED Worm Bait, FINALLY. Much of that support flew under theradar, but not as far under the radar as theWhite archetype has, eventhough the deck's eventually getting superb cardslike this. Allthat said, one of the most powerful new releases actually serves as supportfor ABC's: Ojamassimilation. It's the only reason this mashup works.

If you've never played an ABC-Dragon Buster deck before, it's asurprisingly simple concept. You load your graveyard with A-Assault Core,B-Buster Dragon, and C-Crush Wyvern to summon a "free" ABC-Dragon Buster bybanishing them. Buster Dragon can pop cards your opponent controls, or youcan split your big Fusion into three smaller Machines in order to rinse andrepeat the process.

Thanks to Union Hangar, two of the three pieces to that combo are never farfrom reach, but one problem's often plagued ABC decks through the historyof their competitive use: consistently getting that third piece of yourABC-Dragon Buster to the graveyard. Antonio's build is innovative becauseit solved that age-old challenge in several ways.

The most noticeable answer to the problem is obviously Ojamassimilation.Start with Union Hangar or a Terraforming, Ojamassimilation, and any Ojamacard, and you're already on your way to dominance: use Union Hangar to geteither A-Assault Core or C-Crush Wyvern to your hand, then playOjamassimilation to Special Summon whichever of the two you didn't search.Union Hangar's second effect kicks in when you summon either of them andattaches B-Buster Drake as a Union monster.

From there you could make a Link-2 monster like Proxy Dragon to send allthe Machine pieces to the graveyard, or you could make Bujintei Tsukuyomiand add either A-Assault Core or C-Crush Wyvern to your hand to yard itthat way. As great as that is, it's really just the bare bones; it doesn'tshowcase the real power of Ojamassimilation.

Keep in mind that Ojamassimilation banishes Ojamas from your field, hand,or graveyard, so Bujintei Tsukuyomi really is your best friend right out ofthe gate. It doesn't require you to run multiple copies because the firstone provides you with your start: food for ABC-Dragon Buster andOjamassimilation.

In an ideal world, you could start the duel off by fielding BujinteiTsukuyomi, yard three Ojama monsters, then use Ojamassimilation to fieldthe remaining three Machine monsters in your deck for a flurry of a millionLink monsters, but that's not totally needed. Antonio used Ojamassimilationto consistently field what he needed for ABC-Dragon Buster, leveragingBujintei Tsukuyomi on both sides of the play.

No Bad Cards!
Technically, the Ojama Normal monsters are some of the most useless cardsin Yu-Gi-Oh. At least by themselves. Objectively speaking they're justNormal Level 2 Beast monsters with 0 ATK, but Antonio was determined tomake the most out of them. I already touted Bujintei Tsukuyomi as a methodof dumping your hand on the way to your best monsters, but even withoutBujintei Tsukuyomi, there are other ways to find success.

Option one is Dragon Ravine. Anytime I'm maxing out on Terraforming, I lookfor ways to play multiple Field Spells so my starting hands aren't floodedwith duplicate copies of cards that I can't usein tandem. Drawing multiple copies of Union Hangar is like drawing multiplecopies of Pot of Desires: one is fantastic, but that second copy's justworthless. Dragon Ravine turns your Ojama monster into a yarded Destrudothe Lost Dragon's Frisson, the second piece of the puzzle for thisstrategy.

Destrudo was Antonio's answer to no fewer than three distinct problems. Thefirst is, "Ok, what do I do with these mismatched combo pieces?" The secondis, "How do I make Black Rose Dragon to destroy everything and OTK," andthe last is, "How do I get my Union Hangar?"


Antonio played Black Rose Dragon because mid-to-late game situations andduels where you go second can often turn into uphill battles when you'reworking against an established field. Annihilating the rest of the cards onthe board, then establishing an ABC-Dragon Bustercan be lethal for your opponent. But about that third problem…

Any monster – even an Ojama – can pair with a Dragon Ravine to get younearly all the way to ABC-Dragon Buster thanks to Ancient Fairy Dragon.Just use Dragon Ravine to yard Destrudo, then revive it from the graveyardwith any monster you summon to make Ancient Fairy. The Level 7 Dragon popsDragon Ravine to get you Union Hangar, and from there you can searchA-Assault Core or C-Crush Wyvern and Special Summon it with Ancient Fairy'seffect.

Union Hangar kicks in, attaching B-Buster Drake to your Union monster, andwhen you Link Summon Proxy Dragon, and suddenly you have all three piecesfor ABC-Dragon Buster either in your hand or already loaded to thegraveyard. So even in the worst of situations – games where you start witha Dragon Ravine and four Ojama monsters in your hand – you can still makesomething useful.

Defenses! More Defenses!
When you're speeding through your deck and using Bujintei Tsukuyomi as yourpièce de résistance, all you can really hope to end with is a few setcards. Even once you clear the field with Black Rose Dragon, you won't havethe cards needed to build up an unbreakable defense in the form of multiplehand traps and several facedown cards. But Antonio played a handful oftraps to supplement his Machine strategy.

Hand traps fall by the wayside here because your goal is to make BujinteiTsukuyomi on Turn 1 every game, so actual trap cards are better than handtraps. Solemn Strike goes without saying - if you can clear most of thefield with ABC-Dragon Buster, a well-timed Strike easily becomes the lastnail in your opponent's coffin.

Torrential Tribute's a Little Different. Because Dragon Buster can splitinto its three Union pieces - all of which net you card economy whenthey're yarded - you can clear your opponent's field with Torrential andcome out on top. That would be a perfect time to "apologize" to youropponent: seems courteous when you clear the whole field and still have asmuch card economy as you did before.


One of Antonio's wisest decisions was maintaining the proportions of hisbuild. It's tempting to load your deck with multiple copies of cards likeOjama Pyjama so you always see it reliably. The problem? You really don'twant to see it in your opening. Similar to the hand trap quandary, OjamaPyjama won't help you on Turn 1; you'd rather draw into itafter you resolve Bujintei Tsukuyomi, so onecopy's perfect.

You could make the case for adding different Ojama cards, but many of themhold you back more than they actually help you. You need to Normal SummonOjama Red to trigger its effect, and you need to wait a turn before you canuse Ojama Duo. Ojamagic makes Ojamas a major standout in this deck, butAntonio kept Ojamas in an ancillary helping role rather than letting themtake over as the central focal point.

Since the deck's so consistent, there's not much I can offer to make thedeck that much better. Effect Veiler may not be the best choice, but thenagain, any hand trap becomes more powerful when you're sitting behindABC-Dragon Buster. There's one super silly combo I came up with thatinvolves Dragunity Dux, Dragunity Phalanx, Chaofeng, Phantom of the YangZing, and Egotistical Ape, but boy does that sound awful when I say it outloud. Antonio really put together a fantastic, highly polished strategythat's worth playing right out of the box.

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee where it's warmer thanwarm, whatever that means. When he's not submitting ideas for Fabledsupport and a Fabled Link monster, you can find making "attempts" at"art" and playing his ukulele terribly, or on Wednesday nights, hangingout with the local mice. Hailed as the only person capable of cookingMinute Rice in 56 seconds, Loukas is always looking at expanding hisapartment to house every dog in the world.

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