Once again, Johnny Nguyen struck with an off-the-wall strategy to anotherTop 8 finish, this time in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Between Spellbooks, Kozmos, Noble Knights, Lightsworn and a million other decks, it seems likeNguyen's always up to something crazy with another unconventional strategy.

Johnny Nguyen, known on YouTube as aznpersuasion2008, proved himself again last weekend all thanks to Scrap Wyvern. Well, that and his creativity and skill in the game. But this time he chose Scraps as his outlet of destruction. Nguyen has a habit of playing a rogue deck and slapping his opponents around with one hand tied behind his back, and if it means more cool decks to feature, I'm all about it! Check out his deck archive page to get a taste of the stuff he's done well with over the years.

Are Scraps the best deck in the format? Jokes on you, there isn't a best deck in the format, at least for the moment! We've seen strong and consistent showings from Orcusts, Sky Strikers, True Dracos, ThunderDragons, Salaman greats and many more, but especially on a Regional Level where only eight decks can truly shine at a time, it's impossible to predict exactly what you'll see at any particular event.

Fine, you can assume half the decks will have Sky Striker Mobilize -Engage! sure. But that's a boring story for a different day.


Yes, there are Danger and Sky Striker cards in this deck, but those ancillary support strategies are self-contained pockets that really justsupport Scrap Wyvern and do little else. The Danger cards all search or summon each other, and outside of fielding Hornet Drone Tokens, the only extra thing Sky Strikers add to the table is Sky Striker Maneuver -Afterburners!

Worst case scenario, those cards can act as bait if Nguyen doesn't need more monsters on the field.

Not Your Average Junk Deck
If it's not obvious already, this deck just wouldn't be possible withoutScrap Wyvern. By itself, Wyvern's a concise package of efficiency and power that's still totally on brand with the titular archetype. The "Scrap"nomenclature and "Scrap" theme are in theory two separate things, and ScrapWyvern borrows from one to boost the other in such a harmonious way that it would've been tough to imagine when Duelist Revolution first dropped almost a decade ago.

Once per turn, Scrap Wyvern summons back an unrestricted Scrap monster at the delayed cost of destroying another card on the field. If you destroy the summoned monster immediately, you'll get another Scrap monster from your deck and then destroy another card on the field, regardless of who controls it.

That's so bonkers, because Scrap Recycler is a "Scrap" card itself, though not in the vein of the over-arching Scrap archetype. It ends up being one of those oversights that works out well for Scraps. You just Normal SummonScrap Recycler, send either Crystron Rosenix or Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lionto the graveyard to get a Token, then make Scrap Wyvern. The Wyvern revivesScrap Recycler, destroys it, and summons Scrap Golem from your deck… which in turn revives Recycler and dumps a second monster to your yard.

You destroy a card your opponent controls, and you finish it off with aRank 4. By that point you've managed to give yourself a giant monster and decimate your opponent's field for the price of just a Normal Summon. Does that seem fair? Well, it's Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2019, so you can make up your own mind up about what's fair and what's not, but yeah.


The deck's so incredibly strong for that simple reason; one card makes total mayhem, and even without your savior Scrap Recycler, there are plenty of ways to get to Scrap Wyvern since its requirements are so easy to fulfil. It's not as explosive or powerful as the Orcust combo of "two monsters plus a card to discard for Knightmare Mermaid," but when half your deck turns into Scrap Wyvern, you'll quickly garner momentum from Turn 1 on forward.

Clearly, Nguyen's deck is geared to go second. Not only does Scrap Wyvern work most effectively with the opportunity to destroy opposing cards, but the supporting cast works in Scraps' favor when you're on the draw instead of the play. Cards like Scrap Chimera need to revive something from the graveyard, and pitching them with Twin Twisters or a Danger card kills two birds with one stone.

Mind Control and Instant Fusion only work well when there are threats for you to address, but so much of Nguyen's deck is geared toward making afield of one Scrap monster plus another monster. Scrap Factory, Sky StrikerMecha - Hornet Drones, Scrap Orthros… there isn't much room for hand traps or regular traps when your only need is fielding two monsters!

Non-Machine Scraps
While Scrap Recycler's stamped as a Scrap card, it doesn't have much direct synergy with the destructive effects that the Scrap theme's historically been built around. There's a good chance that many of today's duelists haven't seen or much less heard of most of the Scrap cards until now, and we've seen explosions on the secondary market as Scrap Orthros and ScrapGolem have skyrocketed in price.

Why? It's all about destroying cards, not just your own!

You'll often get benefits from destroying your own Scrap cards, but with cards like Scrap Wyvern, Scrap Dragon, and Scrap Twin Dragon, you can destroy a wide range of cards, not just your own Scraps. Cards like ScrapShark may seem like odd choices at first, but remember that Scrap Shark andScrap Factory instantly turn into two Scrap Monsters on the field. ScrapFactory triggers the Shark and vice versa, sending a Scrap monster to the graveyard and Special Summoning another straight from the deck; most likelyScrap Golem.

That effect just compounds turn after turn when you start factoring in ScrapGoblin, Scrapstorm and the rest of the junkyard suite. You get a Scrap back from your graveyard when Scrap Goblin's destroyed, and Scrapstorm forcibly triggers your Scraps while thinning your deck with extra draws at the same time. There's a lot going on here and it's all very efficient.


And when it comes to forcibly triggering Scrap cards, Scrap Orthros may be the best option since its only requirement is you having a Scrap monster on your field. When it's destroyed by a Scrap card - often times itself –you'll get any Scrap monster back from your graveyard. While that might seem like a simple 1-for-1 exchange, a deck like this uses it both to build momentum and keep your plays going once you start leveraging infrastructure.

Whether you really need its effect to destroy a Scrap on your field or you desperately need a Scrap back from your graveyard - perhaps Scrap Chimera -Scrap Orthros fills the role. I don't have to tell you that triggeringScrap Factory's an added bonus, but it's worth noting how it ties all the rest of the cards together.

Scraps by themselves have always been a neat mechanic with some impressively powerful cards like Scrap Golem, a revival monster that's so strong it can be used once each time it's face up on the field. But withScrap Wyvern, the deck's ramped past its former status as just a mixed box of useful parts into something that can truly contend with the best decks going!

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee, hoping one day to run in5th Congressional District on the platform of "Fabled Link Monsters forEveryone." You can find him onTwitter or building a bonfire in his backyard to attract the local wildlife foran audience with his ukulele. Hailed as the only person capable of cooking Minute Rice in 56 seconds, Loukas is always looking ate xpanding his backyard to house every dog in the world without a home.Well, and those with homes already.