A cycle of wedge-color commanders, three versions of Chandra, Leylines, Elementals and a field full of Lotuses. Core Set 2020 has answered some player's prayers...

This aged well. #MTGM20 https://t.co/xbZdTZmwoa

— Jeff Hoogland (@JeffHoogland) June 25, 2019

...and given other players what they never expected.

Yo! I've been collecting hydras for the last few years. Now, I have a mono-green hydra tribal commander option?

Hail Hydra, indeed! #MTGM20 pic.twitter.com/I3ZMGgKk7r

— Jace of the Third Path (@JankySpellcastn) June 23, 2019

Relive the excitement of last week's spoilers with Dev's preview series, and learn which cards are poised to leave a mark in Standard and Commander on July 12th.

Day One: Monday, June 17th

Day Two: Tuesday, June 18th

Day Three: Wednesday June 19th

Day Four: Thursday, June 20th

Day Five: Friday, June 21st

Day Six: Monday, June 24th

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