You may have heard of "Counter Burn." It's a classic blue-red archetype that plays countermagic, draw and burn spells at instant speed. When your opponent threatens you, you counter their stuff and kill their creatures. When they play slower, you refill and aim burn at their face on their end step. A card like Ionize fits in nicely because it counters a spell while pressuring your opponent's life total, getting them closer to the point when you can burn them out to end the game.

It's a perfectly reasonable strategy. And it's not what we're playing today.

Instead, we're playing a variant that replaces burn with mill, or "bad burn" as some shortsighted magicians call it. Our goal is to counter our opponent's stuff while slowly emptying their library. Our tools of choice? Four copies each of Didn't Say Please and Thought Collapse. When we run out of cards that counter a spell and mill three, Devious Cover-Up and Bond of Insight can get them back, so we always have a way to say "no."

It may not be nice. It may not even be good! But ho boy is it satisfying to "no" your opponent out of the game.



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