Hello duelists! Normally, this is where I lay the ground rules for Court of Appeals, including where to send your questions. As this will be the final edition of Court of Appeals for the foreseeable future (possibly forever), repeating this information won't be very helpful. I'll just get right into the questions and you can read my parting shots at the end of this, if you're into that sort of thing.


Connor G. writes…

Hello Judge Joe! I hope you've been well!

Connor here with a question regarding Miscellaneosaurus! I understand this may be simple, but I'm uncertain about activating Miscellaneosaurus while the field is empty. Some sources say you can, others say you can't! If so, what allows you to, and if not, then why?

Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you do for the Yu-Oi-Oh! community!

Hello Connor!

I answered this a few weeks ago, saying that you can't activate it if there's nothing on the field to protect. I received a ton of feedback saying I don't know what I'm talking about, so I e-mailed rules and have yet to get a response! The argument for being able to activate the effect is a valid argument as it doesn't say "currently control", but… ask your Head Judge!

David V. writes…

Since Rainbow Neos names Rainbow Dragon and Rainbow Dark Dragon by name, are they both searchable with Conscription' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Fusion Conscription">Fusion Conscription, in addition to Elemental Hero Neos?

David V.

Hello David!

Unfortunately, no. Rainbow Neos suffers from an unusual case of poor localization. The second Fusion Material for Rainbow Neos isn't a specifically named material because it's one of two different monsters.

If you want to know more about why Rainbow Neos is worded this way, strap in.

The card we know as Rainbow Dragon has a different name in Japan; over there, its name generally translates to something like "Ultimate Gem Lord – Rainbow Dragon". When the card was localized, the "Ultimate Gem Lord" portion was left off. Considering Rainbow Dragon was also a key card in the GX anime, writing the script for the international versions of the show may have also contributed to Rainbow Dragon not keeping the "Ultimate Gem Lord" portion of its name.

A few sets (and episodes) later, Rainbow Dark Dragon appeared on the scene. Again, the Japanese card contained the text for "Ultimate Gem Lord" while card outside of Japan left it out.

And then, in the show, Jaden fused his Elemental Hero Neos with Jesse's Rainbow Dark Dragon to create Rainbow Neos! (oh, uh, spoilers, I guess).

When the card came out for the TCG, a problem was discovered. The listed materials for the Japanese version of Rainbow Neos are Elemental Hero Neos + 1 "Ultimate Gem Lord" monster. That's a problem because there are no cards in the TCG that have "Ultimate Gem Lord" in their names.

So when localizing Rainbow Neos, Konami had to list out both Rainbow Dragon and Rainbow Dark Dragon as possible Fusion Materials, but this also caused the issue that you're now asking about. Elemental Hero Prisma has an old-as-dirt ruling saying that it can't send either dragon if Rainbow Neos is revealed. Both dragons are mentioned by name, but neither of them are a "specifically named" Fusion Material listed on Rainbow Neos for purposes of any card effects.


Pedro writes…

Question on True King of All Calamities. Will the detach effect make face-up monsters with ignition effects negated upon Summon, for example, Fairy Tail - Snow, Raiza the Storm Monarch or Caius the Shadow Monarch? Also, does the detach effect of calamities to change attributes of monsters Summoned remain in effect throughout the entire turn?

For example: I Normal Summon Fairy Tail - Snow and activate its effect to set Calamities face-down, my opponent chains Calamities and calls Light. We both assume Calamities will not be set. (Joe: why would you assume that) I proceed with the turn and Summon Elder Entity Norden via Instant Fusion and attempt to use its effect, but my opponent argues that Norden will not get its effect due to the change in attribute caused by Calamities.

What is correct in this? I feel like I could have done more. Thanks for the help.

Hello Pedro!

First, to correct the incorrect assumption: Fairy Tail – Snow will resolve properly because True King of All Calamities doesn't negate effects, it prevents effects from being activated. In your example, Fairy Tail – Snow's effect has already been activated, so True King of All Calamities can't stop it.

For the Norden question, Norden's Attribute was changed by Calamities's already-resolved effect the moment Norden hit the field. It's now a Light-Attribute monster whose effect can't be activated because of Calamities.

Mike D. writes…

Hello, my name is Mike and as usual I'm still trying to find the right cards for my Buster Blader deck. So, my question is about Destruction Sword Memories. I was watching those videos from that program that shall not be named and noticed that people were using Destruction Sword Memories' effect in the graveyard during either player's turn.

Hello Mike!

Because it's a Trap Card, the card and its effects can be activated during either player's turn by default and is Spell Speed 2.

Trey B. writes…

Hi there Judge Joe!

Just want to start off with saying thanks for all you do with your articles, they are very informative and helpful and I love reading them whenever they come out. (Joe: Geez, you guys are making this difficult…)

Now on to the question: it may seem pretty simple, but I was recently dueling a guy and he swore up and down about how the True King effects work, but I think he was wrong about it. So, I had a True King Lithosagym, the Disaster and a True King Bahrastos, the Fathomer in hand, along with a Babycerasaurus. I activated Lithosagym's effect destroying the Babycerasaurus and the Bahrastos, then said that I was activating the Babycerasaurus effect as well as the Bahrastos effect in grave (to Special Summon a level 4 or lower dino and a non-water Wyrm type in defense).

However, he swore that for the True King monsters to have their second "on destruction" effect, that they must be Special Summoned first through destroying two other monsters of the same type (in this case he said I needed to have destroyed two Waters and summoned Bahrastos to get the grave effect). However, there's a period and a separate sentence for the destruction effect, so wouldn't that still trigger regardless?

Thanks so much if this gets answered! I know you probably get so many questions and I appreciate it a lot if this even gets read! ~ Sincerely, Trey B.

Hello Trey!

The Summon effect and the destruction effects of the True Kings are separate effects. One doesn't have to happen for the other to activate. Each of the True King's "when destroyed" effect will trigger regardless of whether it was Special Summoned previously or not.


Last question!

Loukas writes…

My dearest Joseph,

My first locals in weeks was met with hostility - all those dweebs there said that I was wrong on a myriad of effects, so let me hit you with them all to get official rulings:

- If someone uses Book of Moon on my Thousand-Eyes Restrict, the monster equipped by its effect should still stay equipped, right? I mean, it's not that hard to hold a broadsword every night as I sleep face-down, so how is this any different?

- I had an old copy of Sangan, but my opponent said I had to use the "new" effect; the errata only applies to cards with the errata on them, right? That's new-age future stuff; yeah, sure, let me just get my flying car and my hover skateboard while I'm at it and use your "fake" effects.

- Can't I just draw a funny hat on a copy of Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss and use it as a Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer? I don't see why not. The same logic should apply and I should be able to use Zoodiac Ratpier as Dragonic Diagram because Ratpier appears on both cards. My opponent should be able to keep up.

- Why do all the Deskbots look so stupid? They're stupid.

- Since Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer King is most likely a fusion of Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer and Mariamne, the True Dracophoenix, shouldn't I be able to use De-Fusion to split the Dracoslayer King into two parts?

Thanks as always! ~ Loukas

I'm gonna miss these questions the most :)

And with that, Court of Appeals, and with it, Black and White, will cease production. This was a completely personal decision as there's some things in my life I need to sort out and writing about Yu-Gi-Oh! almost every week for a little over four years, while fun, is also an expendable activity.

I want to thank Jason for initially reaching out to me for the opportunity, for the other writers on TCGplayer who would hear my ridiculous deck ideas for competitive environments and for sincerely evaluating them, and for the readers that sent in questions and read my words on a regular basis.

If I could be allowed a parting shot or two…

Games are meant to be fun. Sure, we play the game competitively for whatever reasons, and we want to win. We all want to get to Worlds and compete on the grandest stage, but if it's not fun, and if you're not having fun along the way, then it's not worth the effort.

It's easy to smile.

This game, much like most other games, is a hobby. Players shouldn't expect a financial net positive from participating in the game. It's not a job; you can't grind at Trading Card Games and expect to come out ahead. The exceptions that people will likely mention to counter this point are players who own or operate businesses in the TCG industry. Their money comes from their business, not from their participation in tournaments or the winnings.

When you're sitting at a table, remember that the player sitting across from you isn't just your opponent, it's another person with their own story and their own views on everything.

At your local, you'll see more casual players than anywhere else. Don't alienate them, they're the ones that keep this game going. Keep them interested and keep them coming back. Without them, the game – and the franchise - cease to exist.

Declare your Phases. Write down both players' Life Points on paper. If you run non-English cards, have translations. It's all required.

If you're old enough and you're able, try judging at your local once. It might give you an appreciation for the process. If you like it, try judging at a Regional. If you like that, apply to judge at the next local YCS. Who knows, you may end up going places you never imagined, working with judges from your area… or across the country…

… or in my case, from around the world.

When new cards come out, don't just look at what's topping in Japan, or what's topping Regionals. Get a box, crack the packs, and read each individual card. Think about possible uses for each card, think about how a card can work with other cards, theorize how those cards can fit together in a deck. Even if you never build it, think about those cards. Something may catch your eye, and maybe you can find something worth playing without having the internet tell you what's good.

Even when you're Cracking packs, if you're someone that cracks multiple boxes, you'll have loads of excess commons, rares and supers. Make a deck from them. See what happens. Draw some test hands. See what a deck is supposed to do. It might do a unique thing, or it just might be fun. They're your cards, don't let them go to waste!

Don't be a jerk.

Finally, have fun, and take care of yourselves :)

-Joe Frankino


Joe is a Yu-Gi-Oh! judge and player from Long Island, New York. He streams on occasion at http://twitch.tv/crazdgamer and he writes on occasion at http://crazdgamer.com. The blog will be getting more attention in the near future, so definitely check it out!


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