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Hello duelists, and welcome back to Court of Appeals! Every two weeks I'll answer your questions about card interactions, game mechanics and tournament policy submitted to I get quite a few submissions, and I most likely can't get to them all. To improve your chances of your e-mail making it to the column, please follow these ground rules...

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-All answers I give are unofficial unless backed up by an official source.

-I'll be using official game terms whenever possible. If I use jargon (even jargon that is perceived to be universally accepted), I'll note that it's jargon.

-I'll note sources whenever possible.

-I'll always use the official card database as my card text reference. You can find the official card database here:

-I will not answer any questions about cards not released in the TCG.

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Donovan St.Hilaire writes…

Greetings, Joe.

I just have a small question. Can Effect Veiler negate an "Unclassified Effect" such as Torapart or a newer card like Express Train Trolley Olley? Much appreciated,

Donovan St.Hilaire

Hello Donovan!

Since "Unclassified Effect" isn't an official game term, I'm assuming you're talking about the effect that Express Train Trolley Olley has that gives an Xyz Monster the effect to gain ATK? (That was a strangely worded question.) My best guess is that you could target Express Train Trolley Olley with Effect Veiler, but being used as an Xyz Material will cause Trolley Olley to no longer be affected by on-field effects, so the ATK-gaining ability will carry over to the Xyz Monster. But… since it's an activated effect, you could just Veiler the Xyz Monster instead and prevent the additional 800 ATK effect from resolving that way instead.

Andrew writes…

Hi Judge Joe,

I've been reading your articles for quite some time now, and many of the rulings you've written about in your Court of Appeals have eventually come around to help me become a better player. (This does not include Loukas-related questions, those just give me a light chuckle.)

ANYWAY, on to the main topic here. Since its revival a few months back, I've been an avid player of the Cyber Dragon theme using the new Structure Deck (not because it's good, but because Cyber Dragon). I've run into a few grey areas regarding some of the rulings on Cyber Dragon Core and Cyber Dragon Drei.

Seeing as when I'm not playing in locals, I'm usually playing with friends for fun and being the senior player of my group, I've been the "judge" on certain scenarios that have come up in play. The main issue that usually stumps me is whether or not something like Skill Drain or Fiendish Chain negates the effect of Core and Drei to be treated as "Cyber Dragon" while on the field since it's a Continuous effect. Having no real idea where to actually start in this situation, I've found myself deferring to the way Cyber Harpie Lady's effect of being Harpie Lady isn't negated, but I just want to make sure I'm not being "that guy" and using a ruling that just suits me. I want to play fair.

Hello Andrew!

First, it's good to hear that my answering questions every two weeks is having a positive effect!

To address your question: the "effect" of Cyber Harpie Lady and the numbered Harpie Ladies which treats their names as "Harpie Lady" all the time are not negatable effects. I don't have an official resource to point to on this one, but their names have to be "Harpie Lady" because you need to be able to Special Summon them out of the deck with Elegant Egotist, which you couldn't do if they were named their actual printed names. The same Reasoning applies for Umi and A legendary Ocean.

That said! The effects of Cyber Dragon Core and Cyber Dragon Drei only make them "Cyber Dragon" in two places: the field and the graveyard. These effects are actually genuine, real-deal effects and they can be negated by all the usual things that negate monster abilities, like Skill Drain, Fiendish Chain, and if we want to get silly, you can negate their graveyard effects with Dark Ruler Ha Des. Just in case that ever becomes relevant.


John Conyers writes…

Hey Joe, love your articles, and thanks for answering earlier questions I've had. This is hopefully a quick one! If I control an Inzektor Centipede equipped with Inzektor Hornet from a previous turn, what happens if my opponent flips Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror?

Thanks for your time,


Hello John!

This is in fact a quick one. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror resolves, and everything stays where it is. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and its cousin Light-Imprisoning Mirror negate the activated effects of monsters on the field and in the graveyard. They don't negate Continuous effects and they don't affect anything that's already resolved. It only negates effects as they resolve. The Imprisoning Mirror traps are not like Skill Drain.

So Inzektor Hornet will stay equipped to Inzektor Centipede. And as a bonus, since Inzektor Hornet's considered an Equip Spell and not a Dark monster, its effect can be activated and resolved successfully, because Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror doesn't negate Equip Spells' effects.

Jack writes…

What are the benefits of becoming a judge salary and prize-wise?

Hello Jack!

In terms of material compensation, it's barely worth it! Firstly, judges are volunteers not employees, so there's no salary, no wages or anything like that. Judges will usually get gifts for their work, but the monetary value of those gifts aren't great compared to the amount of time and effort you'd have to put in.

There's no standard gift for judging a local. Each judge will individually have to come to some kind of agreement with the Tournament Organizer for what their compensation will be. Regional Qualifiers and YCS events have standardized gifts:

For Regional Qualifiers, each floor judge gets at least 24 packs of the latest main booster set plus a $30 per diem which is supposed to cover travel and food expenses for the day. The amount of booster packs can be adjusted based on performance, but generally it's 24 packs per judge. The Head Judge gets 48 packs.

For YCS's, a floor judge gets 24 packs per day that they're on schedule for, plus three Game Mats: one Win-A-Mat, one Regional Qualifier Top 8 Game Mat, and one Judge Game Mat (the current one is the mat with Vampire Hunter, Vampire Kingdom and Crimson Vampire Knight Bram on it). A judge can get additional packs for being in a leadership position, but a YCS judge will usually walk away with 48 packs, three Game Mats and $60.

Now let's do some math: if I'm Head Judging a Regional, I ask all judges to report at 8am. Our day isn't done until all the rounds are completed, players have filled out their invite paperwork, and the judges fill out their own paperwork. For a 9-round regional, we're done no earlier than 7pm. Realistically, we're done at around 8 or 8:30. Let's call it 12 hours. Let's further assume that the tournament was staffed correctly and that the turnout matched its attendance estimate, so we don't have to adjust how many packs are given out. That's 24 packs for each floor judge. Each pack is $3.99 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. We can roud that to $4. The 24 packs come to $96. We're not going to include the $30 per diem since we have to put that towards food, gas and Tolls to get to the tournament and back. So $96 for 12 hours of work is $8/hr. That's just above minimum wage in the US.

I've said this many times in my writings, and I mean it every time. If you're judging for the money, you're judging for the wrong reasons. You need to get something else out of judging in order for it to be worth it. I mentioned my own reasons in my very first Black and White and they still hold true to this day.

Juliet O'Hara writes…

Hi Joe!

Thanks for answering my last question so swiftly! I had a situation come up while I was dueling a friend, and I was hoping you could shine some light on the rulings. A turn previously, I'd used Miracle Fertilizer to revive a fallen Sylvan Sagequoia. On the current turn I declared the activation of Miracle Fertilizer to revive a Sylvan Hermitree, and my friend chained Compulsory Evacuation Device, targeting the Sylvan Sagequoia.

He argued that after Compulsory resolves, Sagequoia's removed from the field and Miracle Fertilizer immediately destroys itself, which means that it's no longer face-up on the field to resolve and bring back Sylvan Hermitree. I argued that Fertilizer's effect was similar to that of Vanity's Emptiness, where its self-destroying effect activates when another one of my cards hits the grave, and it starts a chain. I felt that if Miracle Fertilizer was immediately destroyed, it would be interrupting the chain. Which of us is right? I hope I explained everything thoroughly, and I eagerly await your reply.

Have a nice day! -Juliet O'Hara

Hello Julet!

Sorry to say, but Vanity's Emptiness is kinda the oddball here. Most spells and traps that I can think of will destroy themselves without using the chain. Miracle Fertilizer destroys itself without using the chain, which we can see from its Problem-Solving Card Text, looking specifically at this sentence: If a monster Special Summoned by this effect leaves the field, destroy this card. No colons or semi-colons means the effect doesn't use the chain.

Miracle Fertilizer will be destroyed at the same time as Sylvan Sagequioa returning to your hand, which means Miracle Fertilizer isn't on the field when its chain link resolves, and since it's a Continuous Spell it has to remain on the field to successfully resolve. Womp.

Mad Morli writes…

Hi Joe,

Battlin' Boxer Veil is an awesome hand trap, but there's this situation and I don't know how it works. When my opponent's attack reduces my Life Points to zero, can I activate Battlin' Boxer Veil to restore my Life Points and save myself from losing?

Hello Mad Morli!

Unfortunately, once a duelist's Life Points hit zero, the game ends right then and there. You won't have any opportunity to activate Battlin' Boxer Veil's effect once the game's already over.

Last question!

Robert from Jacksonville writes…

I was wondering if And the Band Played On would restrict Rescue Rabbit's Special Summon to only one monster, or if Rabbit would still Summon both monsters because they're Special Summoned simultaneously. Can you even resolve Rescue Rabbit's effect at all? Thank you for the answer!

Hello Robert!

No source to back me up here, but my current understanding of game mechanics is this: because both Special Summons happen at the same time, you can Special Summon both monsters and they won't be affected by And the Band Played On. This would be a different story if two monsters were Summoned by different card effects, for example, if three copies of Wulf, Lightsworn Beast were sent to the graveyard for Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner's End Phase effect. One of those Wulf's would be Special Summoned in that case: the other two wouldn't be, because you already control a Level 4 monster.

And that's it for this week's Court of Appeals! If you have a question about card interactions, game mechanics or tournament policy, carrier pigeon an e-mail (one question per e-mail please!) to and your question could be answered in a future Court of Appeals!

-Joe Frankino